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Shower Photoshoots with a Female Photographer

sexy shower photoshoot female

We are so excited to share our new shower photoshoot set with you! There is something pretty thrilling about stripping off, getting soaked and releasing your inner water goddess.

Why are we offering shower photoshoots you may ask?

Well, we were contacted by a regular client recently who wanted to do something a little different. Her words were 'Im thinking wet and sexy' 'What can you do?'. After a little creative thinking from our creative genius CJ, our shower photoshoot set was born.

Can anyone do a shower photoshoot?

Absolutely! Shower photoshoots are guaranteed to make you look the sexiest version of yourself. You can wear as much or as little as you like. We will pose you in the most flattering way to enhance your shape and curves.

sexy woman shower photoshoot

Is hair and make up included in the price of the photoshoot?

Your hair is going to get wet, so no styling is needed, but you will still get the full Fierce makeover to ensure that you are looking your very best.

How much does a shower photoshoot cost?

You can have shower images as part of any of our displayed packages, or, take advantage of our summer promotion and book a 3 image shower photoshoot for only £249. Email us at for more info.

shower photoshoot

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