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What actually happens at a Boudoir Photoshoot?

boudoir photoshoot

So, you are thinking about booking a boudoir photoshoot, but are not sure what to expect. You're nervous, worried it will be sleazy, that you wont know what to wear or how to pose. We get it. Pretty much every single one of our clients felt this way before coming to us.

So, what actually happens at a boudoir photoshoot?

boudoir photoshoot

Our lovely team of ladies will welcome you with refreshments and take you through an in depth pre shoot consultation. You will then be taken to our beauty room for hair, makeup and styling.

Before your photoshoot begins there are plenty of opportunities to take selfies and play dress up in our wardrobe.

Your outfits and accessories will be carefully curated by us to ensure you look fabulous.

Your photoshoot will then take place in our studio, where you will be guided through the most flattering poses for you.

Am I too old, the wrong size or shape for a photoshoot?

Absolutely not! Fierce Photography is for ALL women! We embrace every aspect of feminine beauty at our studio and have been lucky enough to work with ladies of every shape, size and age. The beautiful women you see on our website and social media aren’t models - they are our amazing clients. We all have our insecurities, so our all female team will support you throughout the shoot to look and feel your very best. Trust us, you will have fun and leave us feeling fierce.

I have joint/mobility issues, will I struggle with the poses?

We will complete an in depth consultation with you when you arrive at the studio and will adapt all poses to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the shoot.

boudoir photoshoot

Will your outfits fit me?

We have an extensive wardrobe to fit most sizes. When you book we will ask you to share your sizing with us in advance so that we can prepare a personalised selection of garments ready for when you arrive. You are also welcome to bring your own garments to wear if you have a specific idea in mind.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

We ask you to bring a nude-coloured thong to wear under our garments, along with stockings and hold ups to compliment your chosen outfits. We have a good selection of shoes for you to use, but we find that many clients prefer to bring their own.

How long does a shoot last?

This very much depends on the package you have chosen. Hair & Makeup takes around 1.5-2 hours and then your photoshoot will last from 1-6 hours depending on the number of images and outfit changes you have in your chosen package. We will keep you topped up with drinks (soft or not) throughout the shoot, please feel free to bring your own lunch/snacks, or we can help you order food in to keep your energy levels up.

Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?

Yes, you are very welcome to bring a friend or partner along with you. We also welcome small group bookings for the ultimate girl’s day out! Alternatively, you can add your partner to an image for a small upgrade fee. Contact us in advance to discuss this.


Will you post my images online?

We will never publish your images without your consent. Some of our clients like to see their images on our social media pages, others prefer to keep their images for their own private viewing. We will always respect your right to choose and will ask you to give us your preference for this when we complete your client consultation.

Do you provide prints/framed images?

All your photos will be shared with you in a high-resolution digital format via a private and secure digital folder. If you wish to get them framed and printed you can do this yourself, or we can do this for you for a surcharge. Please ask us for more information if you require this service.

boudoir photoshoot

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